5 Top must-have tools for your business

In the modern world, everyone wants to run his own business. Well, doing business is not a child’s play. It requires 200% potential and smart work to handle a business successfully. Even Soven developer also doing the same and giving it’s 200%. As internet users have increased in recent years, therefore, online opportunities for growing a business have also increased in the same proportion and about 72% of businesses have made their online presence so far. Like we have offline tools, for example, files, documents, advertising pamphlets, brochures, newsletters, etc. for promoting and growing our business, similarly, we have some online tools that we called as “Business Tools” to grow our business even on the internet. These tools are of different types. They can be free or paid. Well, now You have a question in your mind that What are the benefits of these tools? Are they good enough to grow our business? Are they hard to use? etc., etc. Don’t worry you’ll get all the answers right here! If we talk about the benefits of Business tools then have a look at the following points:

  1. They can improve your business quality.

2. They can boost sales and productivity.

3. They can be used for saving time and papers.

4. Easy to use.

5. They can easily reach your business to your target audience.

6. They let you to easily track your business growth, and much more!!

So these are some powers of Business tools that you can use for your business. Moving further, Business tools are of different types and only after selecting the right type of tool can benefit your business. Here is the list of types of business tools that you can have in your business:

1- SMS pushing tools:

According to Blue Corona, mobile users spend about 6 hours a day on their phones. Well, it can be an opportunity for various businesses to grow. SMS pushing tools allow you to push SMS on your target user without any problem. You can send bulk notifications to the audience as well. For mobile users, it is easy to opt-out from emails, in-app notifications, etc. but it is hard for them to opt-out from SMS messages. And in this way, you can grab your chance to send promotional messages, offers, etc. resulting in great traffic! Well, it is generally a paid service offer by various sites. Like, you can have look at Send Pulse SMS service and their pricing list:

2- Company Website:

According to Blue Corona, about 30%-40% of customers avoid shopping from the stores which don’t have their own website,i.e, owning a website for your business is necessary, in order to grow successfully. Every second business has its own website, through which they reach thousands of new users per month. Famous brands like Lacoste, Mc Donald’s, etc. have their own website. Moreover, small businesses like iBall, also own their own website in order to make their online presence! So what are you waiting for? Get your website ready now!! Also, Soven Developer can make you a great website in no time!!

3- Social media Schedular:

Apart from the website, users spend most of their time on social media. Not only for uploading their photos, likes and comments but also for getting updates about phones, technology, cars, etc. So if you use social media for your own business, then the results will be much effective. You can hire a social media manager, who can look for your social media accounts, posts, etc. or if you have a small business then you can handle it yourself as well. 1000+ brands have their own social media pages on Instagram, Facebook, etc., which generates more traffic than Websites per month. Top Brands such as Lamborghini, Xiaomi, Fastrack, etc. have their own social media pages and are generating great traffic from all over the world. So Make one, or Hire one now!!

4- E-mail Marketing tool:

Till 2015, the emails are considered of no use because till that time there were only 10%-15% of users who like to read any email. But as the year passed and the internet became common, the users started to opt for email services and actually like to receive any email. I’m sure that you also receive emails from various companies and actually like to read them. For instance, Emails from any company regarding job updates, Emails from your favorite brand, etc. Therefore, this opportunity can also be used for growing your business. And for that, you’ll need to have an email marketing tool that will send the bulk of emails in one snap and also can give you the appropriate statistics for your email campaign. Soven Developer personally recommends the following email marketing services:

5- TimeSheet:

If you have a much great business or you have owned a business that includes home delivery or home service, then it’s your staff’s duty to deliver the product or service on time to your customers. But sometimes, it is not possible and you have to bear some losses. Well, it is also not possible to look over your staff for 24*7. Therefore, you can use the TimeSheet app, which allows you to look over your staff, their current location and let you schedule all the deliveries that should be made on time. In this way, you can also track the reason for late delivery and hence, can manage your deliveries on time!

So these were some tools recommended by Soven developer that you can actually use in your Business for breaking even the sky limits. Well, the above listed recommended tools are fully promotion free. They are just the recommendation and trusted by 99+ businesses all over the world!

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