Developmental science is now capable of inventing machines which are capable to program human tasks and respond to humans in a certain language of understanding. The creation of Artificial Intelligence is used in machines like robots, which are more or less intelligent as humans.

AI is a science that contributes to many areas for work now. They perform functions associated with problem solving, learning, and reasoning. This system is composed of knowledge that allows us to works efficiently and according to human wants. These are encoded to program and take actions when given a body or without it. Thus, it automatically exploits the ability of thinking of a human. But this has become an urge of modern humans to reduce their physical and mental (memory) work.


Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that is capable to mimic human intelligence and can take decisions through patterns and algorithms. The decision-making capability through data analytics has modified the whole system and categorized AI based on their performance of work.

Artificial Intelligence can be categorized into two:

Weak AI: This is designed to handle simple tasks and deal as a not so complicated system. These are considered to be human-like which includes video games, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, etc. This type is usually limited to a particular area of work.

Strong AI: This is designed to carry on tasks with complicated systems. The ones associated with applications such as self-driving cars, hospitals operating rooms, etc. And hence, this type of AI competes with human intelligence. There are few examples of AI that you may relate to daily life:

1. Face Recognition used in smartphones for the unlock system.

2. Driverless cars these days are trendy.

3.Voice recognition

4. Biometric technology

5. Image interpretation, etc.

The whole system is more concerned as rational which performs organized actions and aims for getting reasonable information in a queue.

Further, you will know more about the programs and functions on how AI is heading for new ways in various sectors.


  • SAFETY: We already know that any advanced technology is capable of being dangerous and misused. Hence, AI-based safety is programming well in the medical sector during COVID-19 infection especially as AI bots used to know basic health information when telemedicine is used and many other ways in different fields.
  • CONTROL: When AI aims to align with human values, it is more capable to gain control or harm humans. So, such AI is designed in a way to seize those control problems and modify it accordingly.
  • IMPACTS: With the introduction of AI in society, it gives a great impact in the future by saving countless hours into productivity. The impacts can be seen in personalized treatment plans, to access the data of the required information of patients. The forensic sector has a great advantage as well, to uncover criminal activity. There are more positives than negatives based on impacts.


· Without AI :

The computer program is capable to come up with a specific solved problem.

The modification is not easy, as it affects the program adversely and is not quick.

· With AI:

A computer program with AI is meant to solve rationally and come up with a reasonable answer.

The modification is easy to program and is comparatively, much quicker.


AI deals with complex programming systems covering various fields such as:

· Gaming: This includes strategic games based on algorithms and data analytics like tic-tac-toe, chess, etc.

· Voice and language recognition: AI like Alexa and Siri, process the voice information of humans and understand the language.

· Speech recognition: The systems like weak AI are capable of replying through speech while humans talk to it.

· Vision system: This system is used by the forensic sector for detecting the face to recognize through portraits of criminals. Also, the photographs and videos are extracted by spying devices used as AI.

· Intelligent Robots: Medical sectors use basic AI robots with sensors and remote control. Hospitals use it for supplying food and medicine in a pandemic.


· Banking and payments: By accomplishing the advanced data analytics to manage higher quality services through features like AI bots, biometric, digital payment, etc. This helps to meet the online digitization competition of technologies and enables the banks to manage huge traffic of data.

· E-Commerce: This sector gives an innovative solution to customer retention and sales, it enables the shoppers to have personal buying patterns and data insights.

· Marketing: It enhances pay-per-click advertising, content-creation chatbots, customer insights, etc. These marketing analytics techniques help us to reach target customers with the right content, on the right channel.

· Health and Medicine: This includes the analysis of complex algorithms and deep learning in medical healthcare data. The ease in diagnostic methods and involvement of fewer people has improved the level in healthcare.


There are many controversies about the misunderstanding of advanced technologies that have future impacts. Here are some myths which are needed to be clarified:

· AI is all about robots. AI program leads to the availability of an internet connection. The artificial mind has been given a body just for modification.

· AI turning evil. AI is programmed according to human wants and hence, competes with human intelligence. It only works for its goal.

· AI can’t control humans. Intelligence has already taken over by physical efforts and has kept mentally free, ever since it is introduced. More or less, AI has partially controlled us.


As human beings have fixed themselves in improving life, they have come up with every new software these days. When coming to learning machines, developmental science has facts to the myths as we have discussed this in the article. This was not all, who knows AI has more applications in the future. It can never be assumed what AI technique holds for the society as a whole, robots with or without ethics?! Maybe, super-intelligence can rule the world later.

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