Development of application without coding –

This is the 21st century and everything is getting smarter even your smartphone today you can order food, go shopping and even date someone online.

You might be knowing that companies are earning lakhs of money today for the application that we use. But today you can also be the one among them by creating your own application and trust me its not that tough and also you can also upload it on Play store or iTunes.

You can also create your own store which could be about food orders dating ones or the one meant for chatting fitness Real State anything any type of application.

Also if you own a website of your own you can also convert it into an application that too absolutely free of cost without any coding knowledge required.

Development Of Application Step By Step –

· You can find a link on Google called ( ) –

We can see a lot of information related to appypie. Like that we can find a lot of other app builders also but appypie is easy to use and also have a value of money and that’s why it’s number one.

Nike, The Great Khali, Dj Aqeel, Indian Ambassy, L’oreal and many other such famous applications are being built by appypie.

· The first thing that you need to do is put down your application name their. Whatever you want to name your application write it down.

· Then there may be certain categories given out. So we need to go choose our category among all those categories you need to just click it simply and it will be selected.

· You can also change the preview out their According to a smartphone-like android smartphone iOS, blackberry or windows options everything will be available.

· The next thing you need to do is enter down your Facebook page name if you have it.

· Choose a design for your application as you like to see it any kind of layout you can choose.

· Now you have to do some kind of work according to your business –

There may be some kind of options that might be already added to your application. We can edit any of that application according to your wish we can write anything also make editing and can customise according to our wish. Whatever customisation you need to do you can make it easier. You can also get some options like deleting, so if you want to delete anything you can do that too. If you want to enable login options you can hide it or use it according to your wish for eg you get an option of login form twitter you can delete it If you want. You can arrange things for eg you want a particular thing first and the other one last you can do that too.

· You can also add an extra feature to your application then you can simply go to add and then you can find a lot many options there. For eg. Dictionary, e-commerce, and many more can be seen in suggested one’s. Also social like Facebook Twitter LinkedIn etc. Can be added directly.

For eg. You add Twitter then you out the Twitter I’d there. With that, you can find a lot many options like multimedia, e-commerce, contact’s, information so all the options you want to use click ok them and add them and it will be added

· Then preview your application.

· We have an application down In it of system page option to enable system login on our application, so we can get a lot many things out Their

· We can change app icon colour font everything forms it.

· After completing it all click on save and continue and finally you have to sign-up or login you can also use Facebook or Google to sign in and then next you need to choose your plan.

If you choose the premium feature you can use it there may be many options available you can use any one of them

· Wait for few minutes and after it, you can use your application download it also shares it.

· When it Is ready to download you can download it directly from QR code or link

And you might be knowing about when you download an application from unknown Source you need to enable it on your phone so enable it or in iPhone’s by giving them permission to Developers then only you can run it.

You can also go to the dashboard and continue to my app and here you will be finding all your application options available. Like editing downloading notification anything. So in the coming future, if you want to make any kind of changes modification in your application you can do that.

Why Do We Need Applications –

Companies these day’s have a lot of competition among themselves they all are looking forward to customer engagement. And all the client’s are in need of a simplified way from which they could reach to the business that might to selling or doing something of their interest. And if we provide them with that simple way it’s certain that the customer will be reaching to us. So for such kind of reasons we need need to create an application that could may their way easier and get us more clients or customers. Also, keep in mind your competitors and if they have an application you need to look forward towards and make an application more attractive and simpler then their.

Also in this situation where everything is growing up really fast, we must be very serious and particular about the approach that is being made for application development in order to create a successful application we need to to get a systematic approach and we can get that by the following above mentioned steps appypie is the one that provides us what we want without any kind of coding in just a few minutes and is free of cost. There are also companies like Deloitte Accenture and Sodexo that are using appypie for app development.

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