Digitalization is already a game-changer of our time and it could be transformative for the world’s most disadvantaged and neglected youth, helping them learn, grow and fulfill their potential. Youth services have offered support, mentoring, social activities, and personal development for young people. These opportunities for the youth can cause a harness of some of the energy and desire to make a difference that other online organizations prosper upon in the digital age. The digital age is known as the information age. As it was introduced in the year of 1970s as a personal computer that time onwards the youth was steadily moving on to the digital age. By providing the ability to transfer information freely and rapidly.

The age of digital allows youths with disabilities to connect with friends and make decisions for themselves, provides access to education for children living in remote or marginalized areas, humanitarian settings, helps to find a safe route and connect with their families. Online connectivity has opened a new approach for civic engagement, social inclusion, and other opportunities with the potential to break the cycle of poverty and disadvantage.

In education and learning the idea of digital connectivity has opened up new possibilities such as the development of organizations, commercial software, and hardware procedure. Expanding access to high-quality educational content, video material, remote instruction, increasing motivation by making learning more fun and relatable. And this creates opportunities for personalized learning, helping others to learn at their admit footprint and serving educators with limited resources provide students with better learning opportunities. Through the digital age, internet connectivity is provided by solar-powered equipment, allowing a whole school to be connected by engaging youth to better in saving an electric consummation for a better environment. A second thing to learn through the skills and vocational training programs are areas where digital connectivity is opening opportunities to learn.

Digital technology can be a pathway to expanding economic opportunity for youth entering the workforce, youngsters preparing themselves for the jobs of tomorrow in several important ways. These include providing digital skills that enhance employability, making access to existing job opportunities, and training more efficient and more widely available and providing a new digital economy in which youth can seek employment. Social media such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter helps the youth to reach in the proper designation in the field of employment. When youth are following bloggers, they search for the information services and values of employment.

The challenges can occur as the exposure to technology from an early age and remaining connected is one way and another 24*7 brings with it a fresh set of challenges. The internet and computer games could give a negative impact on health in physical, mental, and social terms. The growing concerns regarding the apparent increase in obesity, which is believed to be caused in part by their continuous use of the internet which need their sitting for an extended period. Here are some challenges such as Social, Physical, psychological, moral, ethical, and religious challenges.

Digital skills to improve employability and the proliferation of mobile phones all over the world have provided a clear approach for programs aimed to help youth develop their digital skills. Accessing job opportunities are increasing rapidly by using various techniques to look for employment, job matching services are growing with more connectivity with other countries or in the remote state of one country where the youth are surrounded, more young people searching through them.

The digital economy has been savage for eliminating some jobs, but it has also created new ones for which digitally literate youth may be particularly well suited it include microwork, a sort of digital assembly line of discrete digital tasks that contribute towards larger projects, digitally literate consumers as well as app and game development as new types of employment available in the digital age. According to the World Bank Development Report on Digital, Dividends report says that the rapid spread of technologies around the world is increasing economic growth and enlarging the opportunities in many instances.

An advantage of technological changes could not be evenly distributed to workers globally, for high skilled employer technology in most cases complements their skills, increases their productivity, and leads to higher wages. On another side, low skilled employer and middle employer, it depends on the degree to which technology either complements or substitutes their work. Here are the benefits that make a reality in the future:-

  • Helping Young People make the most of Online work platforms.
  • Digitalization skills training to make Young People employable across sectors.
  • Helping Young People to gain skills that employers need.
  • Soft skills training and workplace simulations.
  • Applying new technology to increase the effectiveness of job matching services.
  • Helping Young People make the most of Online work platforms

Login up to online work platforms is often simple, actually getting jobs is not as easy. Lack of skills to secure contracts, good internet connectivity, and computer access are some of the reasons.

  • Digitalization skills training to make Young People employable across sectors

Digitalization skills have become increasingly expensive across different areas such as retail, tourism, and financial services. Skills can make the young entry-level candidates more competitive for sales, customer service, human resources, data management, and technology positions.

  • Helping Young People to gain skills that employers need

Employers provide input into curriculum design and data about what makes a high performing employee for them pieces of training can be customized to nurture the right skill sets and attributes.

  • Soft skills training and workplace simulations

By providing soft skill training the youth feels a safe virtual environment for youth to prepare for workplace scenarios that they would encounter on the job.

  • Applying new technology to increase the effectiveness of job matching services

Online career and recruitment platforms can help improve job matching across various sectors.




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