Social media is a platform that connects the people all over the world. It is the technology that helps to share ideas, thoughts and information by building their methods.

Types of social media platforms are: -

  • Social networking such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google etc.

What are the positive effects of social media?

You can connect with anyone around the globe, you can find old friends or classmates that you would not have otherwise found. It is more convenient than traditional methods of communication. It is significantly faster than writing a letter and more convenient than calling business, everyone can use social media so that they can target their specific audience. That way, they only show advertisements to who they are trying to target i. e teenagers, seniors, students, etc. many jobs are created for social media development. Let me take an example of mine, I applied for an internship training and they took an interview. They also analysed my resume and selected me. They joined me to their group, they gave me a task which is to interview some persons who are highly skilled with something. I took an interview of my HOD, but later my team leader asked me whether I am in social media or not? And I was like no I only use Whats App and LinkedIn. Just because of this I was out of training then I realized that how much social media is needed at this century. By this we can get to know that how social media have created an impact on people and the world. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the biggest websites on the Internet which means more employees are required to manage them. You can share your life events with others through social media. Whether it’s getting married, graduating, high school or your birthday, you can share it with all your friends by posting your photographs instantly.

What are negative effects of social media?

Cyber bullying is one of the most negative part of social media. These bullies can hurt other people just by typing words on a screen and posting it. Decreased productivity — many people have to check their social media on an hourly basis to be kept up to date, which results in a loss of productivity in the long run, False sense of connection because of social media, the lack of effective verbal communication skills. Privacy issues, even though companies like Facebook and Instagram are trying to minimize privacy issues. There will always be gaps allowing hackers to have access to one’s information.

Does social media have the power to change the world?

In 2019, an estimated 2.95 billion of the people are in social media worldwide. In India, around 230 million people use social media. Social media is connecting to the flow of the Ambient web. Content distribution have become the life of the party. Everyday, more than one billion people connect with each other using social media. People usually post their daily incidents at social media. Posting has become new habit; without social media the day won’t be started. Social media’s very fast rise is a long and growing attempt by people everywhere to connect with each other. But they also spread the fake news which leads to depression.

How is it causing depression?

When people put things on social media, they will post the best things which happen in their life. They talk about the fun things that they are doing or they post pictures that make them look good at Facebook. As they are seeing the beautiful things in their friends’ lives. So this had made them to feel less satisfied about their own lives. And they will start to feel envy because their friends’ lives look perfect.

From the last 10 years, social media has completely occupied the people, it has changed the way we communicate. Scientists have studied and looked as it effects on human emotions and relationships. Some media also leads to depression. The main positive effect of social media is its purpose in life. Modern life can be very busy, many people work for hours. Others live far away from family and friends in other cities or countries. Today social media has separated people, though they are on the same table or same bus but there is no direct communication among them.

All in all, social media is a very useful platform, but we must be aware of its dangers and the disadvantages provided by it to us.



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