Quantum Computing: A new generation of computing

In our today’s world, everything is fast as compared to earlier times. Like, before the invention of computers and calculators, Abacuses were used for solving mathematical problems like addition, subtraction, etc. But as time passes, abacuses were soon replaced by calculators and computers. Moreover, computers are further surpassed by Supercomputers and Quantum computers. Quantum computers are even superior to Supercomputers.

#What are Quantum computers?

#History of Quantum computing:

In 1994, Peter Shor gave the “Shor’s algorithm” which allows quantum computers to factor the large numbers much faster than the classical ones. For such tasks like finding factors of any large numbers, classical computers can take nearly an infinite amount of time to give results whereas, quantum computers can do these types of tasks much quickly using quantum mechanics. At present, many researchers are developing new algorithms for bigger tasks to be solved by quantum computing.

#How does Quantum computing works?

Quantum computing basically uses the superposition technique to solve any problem. In classical computing, computers take and store data in the binary form,i.e, either 0 or 1. But Quantum computers have the advantage of storing data in Qbits which stores data in the form of either 0, 1 or simultaneously both at once, which make it unique!

#Advantages of Quantum Computing:

  • It can be used to find the shortest path between two places.
  • It is advantageous in fetching multiple possibilities at once like finding the state of an electron.
  • To store big amounts of data which classical computers can’t hold.

#Disadvantages of Quantum Computing:

  • Quantum computers have a problem with long time coherence. Coherence is the time duration for which a Qbit doesn’t vary. But it is not easy to maintain coherence or a longer time.
  • It is hard to build and operate a Quantum computer.

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