Quantum Supremacy with Artificial Intelligence surpassing humans.

Introduction to Quantum Supremacy:

John Preskill, a theoretical physicist at the Calfornia Institute of Technology, coined the term Quantum Supremacy in the year 2012. The term was just a generic definition of the concept of quantum computers achieving results which the simple computers could not achieve. Google used the 54-cubit processor named “Sycamore” to calculate a complex problem in 200 seconds whereas the world’s fastest supercomputer would take 10000 years for the same.

This proclaims as a big milestone for quantum computing as well as great research beneficial for future generations by Google. Achieving speedy calculations to this extent increases the chances of innovation as well as a topic of concern for misuse.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) :

Artificial Intelligence refers to the mimic of cognitive functions which the humans use, by means of learning and problem solving.AI is basically classified into three different types:

1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI): It learns about a single task which it has to perform with efficiency and smartness. Eg, Voice Assistants.

2. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): It is as intelligent as the human brain because it can learn and improve itself.

3. Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI): It can think about abstractions that the human brain is unable to.

Improvisation through the combination to surpass: AI has been improving since the time it has been created. Quantum computing along with AI has even made it possible for researchers to create a bio driven technology by developing a multi-layer silicon membrane that mimics the layers present in human skin. This helps in sensing the prick, tickle and several other feels when used in a device.

“This work explores the intersection between man and machine. We have seen many works trying to augment humans with parts of the machine, here we look at the other way around and try to make the devices we use every day more like us, i.e. human-like,” said Dr. Roudaut.

This clearly indicates the use of AI in replicating humans to some extent.

Boom Aspect:

Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) creates the actual boom impact in the world of technology through its increasing advancements and the capabilities to think out of the box. The human brain is made up of neurons and is thereby constrained to some million neurons. However, this does not stop the ASI from surpassing humans, already. Researchers have proved that it is more powerful and sophisticated than the human brain.

How do you think can Quantum Computing along with ASI actually surpass humans in the future too?

While AI facilitates the creation of better quantum architectures, quantum computing is bound to trigger the creation of new AI models.

The greed for a better life, through means of innovation and technology, can lead to some of the scientists creating a self-sustaining and understandable language for AI which can eventually find out solutions to problems for the betterment of mankind. This communication language and the system can be encrypted through ASI thereby leading to hidden communication amongst systems and servers. Formation of community amongst the bits and systems would become common possible with ease as ASI would not have any limitations.

Henceforth, there could be two possibilities while surpassing humans:

Beneficial for Mankind[Positive]-

With the greater computational speed of Quantum Computing and the power of ASI, it can be used to find the cure of diseases that have no cure even today. Apart from this; education, law and security, maintenance, accounts, and infrastructure can be brought into the benefit. This can be done just by a single command given to the computer to do so without the manual execution; as ASI would be smart enough to carry out the complete process solely.

Destruction of Mankind[Negative]-

Progressive growth of humanoid robots in terms of emotional quotient and human understanding may even lead to sympathy and identification of values such as self-respect and dignity amongst themselves. Chances of community formation and unison amongst the bots and human domination by bots may give birth if left uncontrolled.

Hence, this proves that Quantum Supremacy and Artificial Intelligence, particularly the ASI have no limitations to surpass humans.

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