What’s Trending In 2020 – Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a prime component of Marketing which basically functions with the help of the internet and it’s technologies on mobile’s computers.

Types Of Digital Marketing –

  • Instant messaging marketing.
  • Pay-per-click advertising.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Radio advertising.
  • Affiliate advertising.
  • Search engine optimization.
    Content marketing.

Objectives Of Digital Marketing –

Trends In Digital Marketing –

Voice Searches

Voice searches will be changing every this is what we can hear out these days and is trending so much so if you’re having a content in which you earn money through affiliate marketing content marketing for such kind of people everything’s going to change your business can suffer losses and you won’t earn more.
Every phone these days have voice assistance you can search about anything just by saying it to google and Google will be providing you with the results directly and when you do so you won’t be using any website and this will lead to the death of other websites as you won’t click on them. So voice searches are going to be the most trending thing but if your business relies on where the customer needs to land on your website then everything is going to change for you.

Video Marketing

When we look back about 5-10 year’s when the Internet wasn’t a powerful thing at that time people used televisions for entertainment. But today, when we look at television, isn’t anywhere around people prefer Netflix Amazon Prime such thing’s. When we talk about our partner's generation few year’s backs they even didn’t know how to use smartphone’s but gradually they are learning it and today we can see that they are searching out the thing’s on YouTube using it watching videos. So, Video Marketing is going to be so much trending.

Funnel Marketing

A few years back we used to see people advertising on televisions or through hoardings and asking you to buy their products then we saw adds on Google then everyone got the idea and the marketer’s built-in few funnels they twisted their audience provided them with few samples and then started charging and finally made them buy those services. So what is it a kind of a funnel only, as a result, funnel marketing is also a trend these days.


When we do marketing build in funnel we put in our number and for people to contact us but we know most of the time people contact us is for irrelevant reasons but maybe a 5% of those people want to talk to us for a reason so we can’t talk to all of them for that reason we use a chatbot.
So it’s going to be a trending thing and maybe we also come across WhatsApp chatbot.

Micro Video’s

There are people who do not have much retention and don’t see whole videos for such kind of people micro-videos are being made which are of 2 -3 minutes like the Videos on Tiktok.

Influencer Marketing

What do we need to be an Influencer we need to make contents if you’re good at singing cooking anything any kind of content. Go on posting and people will know you you can also get invites from shows.
This is going to be trending and you never know when you become a brand.

Customer Uploaded Content

Companies will ask their customer’s to make video’s and upload and will also declare a winning amount for that one who gives the best video. The company will get a benefit that they can use your videos for their adds and won’t need to create more contents.
So this is going to be a trending thing in coming days.

Virtual Reality

It is a kind of stimulation that is being generated from the computer and provides us an experience like reality. Such type of games are also going to be in trends and will engage a lot of people.

Visual Touch

These days we search out the thing’s by writing their names as in I am searching for a green dress and It should be having a velvet touch so I am going to write on Google that I need a green velvet dress but in coming time’s we could be able to search for things by uploading a same kind of picture and get alike results. So this is going to a new trendy thing in coming time.

These were the trends that are going to be coming up in 2020.

What will be Dominating –

Online advertising is going to be more Costly then advertising in the traditional manner.

The only key to get success is having high-quality contents rather than high-quality video.

Is Their Still Something Left With Digital Marketing –
Digital marketing is still so much in trends and also it has a very large plan for marketing and also There are no chances of digital marketing to fail to look at the current scenario.

If you are in digital marketing you need to take every step carefully. You have to plan everything before taking a step you need to be clear about what you will be doing next.

If you’re planning a large corporation you must try integration first It is a major key for everything in digital marketing's world.

“Digital marketing is a very important activity in every kind of business organisation in today’s scenario. Even a very small Service that takes place in a company needs to be marketed if not don’t then it will lose all its value. Digital marketing has a vast scope of sales of services and the Market is also very huge, we can bring new strategies that can help out our clients and also us in gaining what we both want on our sides.”

-Archita Gupta

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